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Home of the Old Worlder Team

All over the known world there are national Blood Bowl leagues, such as the dwarven Worlds Edge Superleague, the all-elven Ulthuan Invitational League, and the goblin Swampland Tribal Leeg. However, it is an undisputed fact that the imperial Blood Bowl leagues, open to teams of all races, is by far the best of them all. Every Blood Bowl players wants to play for the championship in one of the imperial conferences, and above all to win the Blood Bowl, that most prestigious of prestigious tournaments.

Hopeful young players travel to the mighty realm of Emperor Karl Franz, hoping to make a name for themselves, and one day to be considered a star player of the game. But not every player gets into a team, no matter how talented he may be. It takes 16 players to make up a full Blood Bowl squad, and if no coach is looking for replacements, then there is nothing left to do except join the other hopefuls in waiting for a spot to open up.

It is when the rookies patience has been worn down that racial prefernces become less important, and sooner or later some players will play for anyone. This phenomenon is what has given rise to the "old worlder" team. Sometimes a desperate coach will form a team consisting of these impatient rookies of different races. He'll have ready access to players eager to play, with talents covering virtually every aspect of the game. That is, if he can manage to keep his players playing for the same team. Dwarfs and elfs have a long tradition of mutual grudgebearing, the Bretonnians can't stand the crude Kislevites, and everybody can get fed up with the arrogance of the Rogue Elves. When his players stop assisting blocks, and refuse to pass to a "foreigner", the head Coach's troubles begin.
Still, if he can motivate his players to work together, the old worlder coach has a potentially devastating team at his disposal.

Old Worlder Teams
The Imperial Blood Bowl league is quite simply the best Blood Bowl leagues there is, and it attracts teams from all over the old world. It was only a matter of time before some of the rejects from these teams decided to join forces and create teams of their own. United by their common quest for the championship, these players put their differences aside - at least as long as the team keeps winning.

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0-12 Human Lineman 50K 6 3 3 8 - G
0-2 Dwarf Longbeard 70K 4 3 2 9 Block, Tackle, Thick Skull G, ST
Allies: Imperial, Dwarf, Rogue Elf, Brettonian, Kislev, Wood Elf.
ReRolls: 70K
This team does not get the normal 2 "extra player slots". Instead, the team is allowed to buy 1 position player or 2 linemen from each of the 6 allied rosters. The rule of no big guy allies still applies, but obviously the team is allowed to take duplicate allies, (namely the linemen).
All of the experimental mixed teams have been found severely unbalanced. While we wait for new versions to be published, we decided that the basic mechanic was very interesting, so we decided to create such a mixed team of our own.


Old World Star Players:
Griff Oberwald Imperial Blitzer 8 4 3 8 Block, Dodge, Leap, Sure Feet 40pts
Zara the Slayer Amazon Blitzer 6 4 3 7 Block, Dodge, Dauntless, Jump Up, Mighty Blow 20pts


Team Coach Season Points
Old World Outlaws Morten Bonnin X -
Fellowship of the Ball Pelle Esbensen IX 0
FCK BB Poul Piepgrass IX 7
Next of Kin Nicolai Overgaard IX 0